Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kid Day, Naturally!

Kids love to be kids. What is even more obvious than that is that they like us to be kids too. They would love for us to take a whole day and just have fun with them!

Yes, we have a lot of responsibilities like cleaning, cooking, organizing, studying, etc. Wouldn't it be nice just to let it all slide for just one day and play? Our kids grow up so fast and before we know it, they will be graduating from high school and moving out of the house. We really should try to enjoy each step of their lives with them.

Here is a Mommy & Me challenge for you. Take one day in the next week and put a big X on your calendar. This means that nothing is allowed to be scheduled for that day. When your little one(s) wake up, sit in a circle on the floor. Ask your little one, "What do you want to do today?" Make sure you are listening because there will probably be a list. Then put your hands in the middle and say together, "Ready, Set, GO!" and do everything that he/she listed.

Be sure to bring a camera and document all the things your little one wants to do. This will be a great way to remember what he/she considers "fun" at each stage of life. Try to repeat this exercise once a month or so. When they grow, their "fun" will change and things will stay lively.

When they are able to do all their "fun" things, they will be more respectful for your "need to do" things. I have noticed this on a small scale from my little guy. He is only 2 so we have a lot of "fun" days to experience!

When you try this with your little one(s) I would love to hear how it goes. What was their reaction? Were they super excited? The more you comment, the more we will all learn from your "fun"!

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