Monday, March 22, 2010

Sore Throats, Naturally!

Lately I have developed a little bit of a sore throat. Not bad, just the annoying scratchy feeling. I am trying hard to avoid medications whenever possible.

I looked through my stash of stuff I got FREE through deals from my other blog to see what I had to avoid going out and spending money.

I found Sambucol which is a natural preventative remedy made from Elderberries & Ricola Vitamin C supplements made from all natural products. I have been taking both in combination as well as hot tea and rest. Hopefully they will help boost my immune system and this will not get bad.

Do you have natural remedies that you use to try to avoid an illness getting worse? I, and I'm sure several other readers, would be interested to hear what has worked for you!


Help! Mama Remote... said...

Nice to meet you and your blog. from Friday Follow.

Ali @ Mommie Life said...

Hello from Friday Follow!! I just LOVE your blog! I can't wait to read up on going all natural!! :)

Hope you'll come visit!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Friday Follow! I use vitamin C crystals mixed in orange juice. I'll also increase my B12 for energy.

RenderMeMama said...

Here from Follow Friday also. Get yourself some vitamin D supplements! It is THE best thing to head off the sickies.

Looking forward to reading more, from one natural mama to the next!

~Amy @ Happy Follow Friday! First timer here! Can't wait to get to know you!

~Amy @

Marsha said...

Hi! I found you through Friday Follow. When my throat is sore, I make a tea of ginger, garlic, lemon juice and honey and sip it throughout the day. It really helps!


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