Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pain Relief Naturally!

Everyone whether pregnant or not has some type of pain from time to time, right? There may be some ways to naturally relieve some feelings of pain whether physical, mental or emotional.

#1: Close Your Eyes & Sleep

This is definitely relaxing to me. Sometimes when we get head or body aches it is because we are just plain exhausted. You could try just simply getting some much needed rest.

Each person has a different need for sleep. There is a test to see how much sleep your body needs to function properly. Decide what evening you have that you do not have any commitments early the next day. Go to bed at a reasonable time and sleep until you naturally wake up. Calculate how long you slept the next day and that is the number of hours your body needs each day to function. Mine is about 8.5 hours a day.

#2: Cry/Scream/Vocalize

Have you ever felt like you just had too many emotions all bottled up and you just needed to cry? Do it! The best way to avoid emotional aches is to let it out. Pick a time when you are alone, go out to a quiet place, or just lock yourself in the bathroom and let it all go.

#3: Hot Water

This is one of the best ways to ease body aches. Take a warm shower or bath and take your time! If you do not have time for a long shower or bath, you can use a hot water bottle.

There are several ways to make a hot water bottle. One way is to fill a sock with uncooked rice. Tie the open end of the sock. Microwave the sock for about 30 seconds or until warm (not too hot to touch). Place the flexible sock wherever the source of your ache is.

#4: Get a Massage

Massages are wonderful! You do not have to pay a lot of money to get relief from a massage. If you have a spouse/partner, tell them where you need a little comfort and let them at it. You can have them use natural oils to fit your relaxation needs. Gentle music or natural sounds may also add to the calming effect. Think about your special place, a place where you feel completely calmed and relaxed. This may help you relax mentally.

Sometimes the need for privacy, comfort, silence and dark can all be acheived by a little relaxation.

#5: Apply Pressure

Sometimes applying pressure to the point of pain helps to relieve it. Pressure points have an effect on pain or amount of pain that you feel. If you are pregnant be aware that there are some pressure points that can induce premature labor so be careful to avoid those.

#6: Eat or Drink

Some headaches or even body aches can be a cause of low blood sugar or dehydration. It is best to eat small meals throughout the day to keep your body going. Eating three balanced meals and healthy snacks in between seems to be a good strategy. No, this is not possible to do at all times but it may help if you find yourself hungry between meals.

Definitely keep well hydrated. According to WebMD, a female should drink 91oz & men 125oz of water a day! This includes ALL liquids whether water, soup, coffee, tea, etc. If you drink whenever your feel thirsty, you are probably getting a sufficient amount of water.
There are several other ways to relieve stress. Sometimes, I will just sit down in my room quietly and try to listen to what my body needs. If I get a bad headache, I will try to think of how much water I drank that day, how much food, etc. I can usually pinpoint what I can do to help relieve some of my ache.

What have you found that helps your aches and pains naturally? Your comments could help someone else so please share!

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